Six Must Have iPhone Apps!


Hi again! So in honor of the new iPhones being released soon, today I wanted to show you my six favorite iPhone apps and what I use them for. Now I am the first to admit that I am addicted to my iPhone. Maybe it’s something I shouldn’t admit, but hey, I’m all about being honest here. I’ve had the same phone for about 3 years now (an iPhone 4), and while it’s slowing down a little bit I still love it. Before I got it I had no idea exactly how much I would use it. I figured it would be nice for texting, using Facebook, taking pictures, and maybe checking the weather. Since I got it, what I use it for has completely changed. It is so helpful in terms of staying organized, and there are so many apps that are particularly useful to me as a college student. These six apps are all must haves on my phone!

1) Dropbox: This app was a fair recent download for me, but I’ve loved it so far! If you read my last post you already know how I feel about Dropbox. But, in case you didn’t it’s pretty awesome. Dropbox is a free service that lets you save your documents, photos, presentations and anything else online in a virtual server. After you sign up for account, and when you save something to Dropbox you can view it from basically anywhere (it’s magic). Now that I have it on my phone, I can work on something on my computer, save it to Dropbox, and then access it from my phone anytime I want to. This is especially helpful when I’m making study guides for exams!

2) Mint: Mint is a very cool app, especially when you need to budget and keep track of money. During my freshman year, I was pretty much oblivious when it came to monitoring my spending. I couldn’t figure how to access my online banking info, so I took an “ignorance is bliss” perspective. Just in case it isn’t obvious, this was a big mistake. I blew through money quicker than I’d like to admit, and really had no clue at any given point how much I had in my account. Since then I’ve not only figured out how to use online banking, but I’ve been really good about making a budget and sticking to it. The Mint app is so helpful for that, as I can access my bank information and budgetary goals anytime. You can divide up your budget into different categories, such as rent, groceries, gas/car expenses, dining out, and so on. Seeing exactly how much you have (or don’t have, in the case of myself and most college students) makes it easier to prioritize what you want, and what you actually need.

3) Reminders: I am a huge fan of to-do lists, and I swear by them when it comes to being productive and getting stuff done. For the most part I prefer to actually write these things down on paper. I’m not sure if it’s the physical/tactile part of it, or that I feel very satisfied when I can cross something off my list, but I know that I am most productive when I do this. However I don’t have a notepad or paper with me at all times, so a lot of times I end up using my phone to create these lists. When I do this app is great! It’s very simple but also very effective. It’s as close to an online notepad as I have found. The app also allows you to categorize things, so it’s easy to separate between school, work, social, home, etc

4) Quizlet: This app is not something that I use on an everyday basis, but when I have quizzes or exams coming up it gets plenty of use! Quizlet is basically an online study tool, specifically for flashcards. After about a semester of writing out hundreds of note cards every time I had a test, I learned that it was not the most effective system. And by not effective, I mean it was way too time consuming. Discovering Quizlet was a highlight of my freshman year, and I’ve been using it since. Not only can you make virtual flashcards, but you can also do all sorts of practice exercises and quizzes to test yourself and how well you’re learning the material.

5) Pandora: This one’s pretty self explanatory, but allow me to explain just in case. I absolutely love Pandora, so this app gets a lot of use on my phone. I have tons of music in my library, but I get sick of listening to the same stuff over and over again. Even more, when I’m studying/working out/walking to class/ sometimes it’s nice just to be able to mindlessly listen to music and not have to worry about picking what song to play next. Is that lazy? Yeah, probably. Do I mind? Not at all.  Plus, Pandora has tons of stations for whatever mood you’re in! I’ll do a post sometime in the future on my favorite stations.

6) Safeway: Safeway: So this probably seems like a really weird pick for favorites, but I love this app. Because I live off campus and not in a residence hall, I unfortunately have to do my own grocery shopping and cooking. Safeway is my grocery store of choice, and when I heard they had an app I had to check it out. Since they started their “Just for You” program last year, the app lets you download coupons to your Safeway card, which are then applied at checkout. I always look at the deals and featured coupons before I go to the grocery store, which also helps me figure out what I want to/need to/should buy on my weekly trip to the store! I’ve saved a lot of money since I’ve started using this app, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who shops here.

So that’s my list! I love all of these apps, and am hoping that this list will be helpful to you guys (or at least give you some ideas on which apps you should download next). Until next time!




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