e.l.f Makeup Haul: First Impression Review

e.l.f Makeup Haul

So a couple of weeks ago I fell in the online shopping trap. In the town I go to school, there really aren’t tons of options in terms of places to shop. So in a moment of weakness, I shopped (a bit too much). I bought some clothes and shoes, but I also bought some new makeup goodies. I’ve been buying products from el.f. for a few years (primarily from Target), but I had never really considered buying their products online. Thanks to some pretty good marketing and an awesome sale though, I caved. I decided to share what I bought, and do a first impression review of what I think about them! I got really lucky and bought all of this with a coupon during a great sale, but I’ll include the regular list prices of these items as well.

  • Lip Exfoliator ($3): I’ve only used this product once, but it is awesome. I’ve always been prone to dry, chapped lips, especially during the fall and winter. It’s basically a lipstick, but with tiny exfoliating grains to remove any flakiness or dead skin on your lips. It leaves your lips extremely soft and smooth!
  • Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black ($2): This eyeliner pen is fabulous. Now if you’re not familiar with gel eyeliner or eyeliner pens, they can be a little tricky at first. But once you get the hang of them it’s like magic. I’ve used this a few times already (it’s perfect for winged eyeliner), and I will definitely be buying it again.
  • Essential Nail Polish in Misty Haze ($2): I can admit that I’ve never been much of a nail polish person. I’ve never been great at painting them, and even more than that I despise removing nail polish! But this year I made it a priority (even one of my New Year’s resolutions!) to paint them more. I’ve kept up with that so far, and have loved experimenting with new colors. This color is perfect for fall; it goes on very well and looks very chic!
  • Shimmering Facial Whips in Peach and Lilac Petal ($1): I was a little apprehensive to buy these facial whips, but since they’re only a buck a piece, I figured what the heck. So far I’ve used them to highlight and contour my face (a tiny bit on the cheekbones), and I’ve had great results. It gives the face a shimmery, dewy look!
  • Studio Blush in Twinkle Pink ($3): Blush is a staple in my makeup routine, but I really only had two that I used on a regular basis. Both were a soft pink, and I wanted something a little different. While this blush is still pink, it is a little peachier with some shimmer in it too. It’s very pretty on the skin, and I love it!
  • 11 Piece Brush Collection ($30): I’ve collected a few of the different brushes from e.l.f. over the years, and they are wonderful. For the price, the quality is great! Though I probably wouldn’t have purchased all of these brushes normally, because of the sale price it was an offer I couldn’t pass up. I especially like the blush brush, the complexion brush, and the powder brush! I would highly recommend these brushes! Just remember to clean them regularly 😉
  • Studio Eyebrow Kit ($3): So this product isn’t new to me, but I love it and wanted to share. Until about 3 years ago, I never thought twice about filling in my brows. As in I never did it. It seemed so odd to me, until I realized that lots of people (especially makeup professionals) do it! It took me some time to figure out how to do it properly, but when I did it made a huge difference. I started getting lots of compliments on my brows, and though that in itself seemed weird to me, I figured I was doing something right. There are lots of expensive brow palettes out there, so this was an excellent and cheap find! I use it everyday, and would recommend it to anyone!

There you have it! I am loving these products so far, and can’t get over how good the prices are! For all of this (and after the sale + coupon combo), I only paid $28, plus I got free shipping too! I will definitely be buying from e.l.f. again, and I hope that you’ll try these products out too!



**This was not a paid or sponsored post. 


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