Bad Luck Chuck


So there’s an ongoing joke with my family and friends that I notoriously have bad luck. We laugh about it a lot, but seriously the weirdest stuff happens to me. For example:

  • After being convinced to go parasailing in Mexico (I’m afraid of heights and didn’t want to go), the harness was defective and I crashed into the ocean.
  • When I went to Disneyland someone ran into me, knocked me over, and I got a concussion.
  • On a trip to Mexico to build houses for the less fortunate, a 2×4 dropped on my head from 20 feet up. I got another concussion.
  • While driving the kids I nanny to swim practice this summer, a cop pulled a taser gun on me (there was an armed robbery in the area, I guess he thought I might have been the suspect?).

You get the idea, right?

This one might be a bit of a rant, just a heads up. Well this weekend my family and best friend had been planning on going to the Maroon 5 concert. I am a HUGE fan of Maroon 5. I’ve loved their music since their first album was released, and I’ve wanted to go to their concert for years. When tickets went on sale in April for this concert, I jumped at the opportunity to buy some. The concert was at an outdoor amphitheater about 3 hours away from where I live, so we decided to stay at a friends cabin near the venue and make a weekend getaway out of it.

Now early last week we noticed that rain was in the forecast for the weekend, but we didn’t worry too much about it and instead hoped that it would change. So when Saturday (the day of the concert) rolled around, we were bummed to see that it was gray, rainy and windy. We’re a pretty tough bunch though, so we bundled up and decided to brave the elements. After all, we wanted to see Maroon 5 play! As you might have guessed though, this did not happen. After waiting at the amphitheater for five hours and dealing with rain and 40 mph winds, the concert was cancelled due to safety concerns. Le sigh. At least Adam Levine personally delivered the bad news. Plus, he promised he will make it up to us… I’m still curious to see how they plan on doing that.

I’m still pretty bummed it about this whole thing, but I guess I just have to laugh off that the bad luck has struck again! I know one day I’ll see Maroon 5, I’m determined!




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