“The Fault In Our Stars” Book Review


Today I wanted to do a review on a book I read recently. Unfortunately (and self-admittedly) I am not typically a big reader. It’s not that I don’t like to read, it’s that I really feel like I don’t have the time. Some of you may say that that’s a horrible excuse (my mom does at least), but I read so much for school that when I finally get some down time I usually like to spend it doing something other than reading. You get that, right?

Anyways, in the last week I had some extra time and decided I wanted to read something. That alone was a big step for me! I was given a Kindle a few months ago, and really hadn’t yet utilized it. So I downloaded a few books, and decided to read “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green, first. My mom read the book over the summer and recommended that I read it, but I also found it on a Buzzfeed post about books you should read before they are turned into movies (The movie-version of it has already been filmed, and is set to be released mid next year!). So I started reading, and before I knew it I was hooked.

This book is about 16 year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster, a stage IV-cancer survivor who also happens to be clinically depressed. In order to help her cope with this, her mom urges her to attend weekly support groups for young cancer patients/survivors. Though Hazel does not necessarily enjoy these meetings, she goes in order to appease her mom. At one of these group meetings, Hazel meets Augustus Waters, a fellow cancer survivor. The two are kindred spirits, both very intelligent, and share a wicked sense of humor. Without giving too much away, the two eventually fall in love. Instead of being just another dinky teenage love story, this book looks at some of life’s greatest questions, including how will we be remembered after we are gone?

This book was extremely touching. Though it may not be the most light-hearted read, I was captivated and couldn’t put it down. I loved the perspective it was written from, and could appreciate the dry humor and sarcasm it was infused with. It was a great combination of humor and heartstring tugging, and I have yet to meet someone who’s read this that didn’t absolutely love it.

So this perhaps is more of a book recommendation rather than a review (and I would indeed recommend everyone to read it!), but I wanted to share just how much I loved this book! If you’ve read it, comment below and tell me what you thought! Let’s just hope the movie-version doesn’t ruin it 😉




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