Favorite Crock Pot Recipes for Fall!

Now that fall is fully upon us, I wanted to do a fall/winter themed recipe post! In my personal opinion, making food for the fall season absolutely screams crock pot (or slow cooker, if you prefer). I bought a crock pot last year before I moved into my first apartment, and let me tell you I freaking adore the thing. I’ve always loved to cook, but during school I don’t always have the time I wish I did to prepare meals for myself. This is where the crock pot comes in. You can literally throw together your ingredients, turn it on, and have a fabulous meal all ready to go by the time you get home from work/school/the gym/whatever. Super easy, it’s basically magic.

So in the spirit of crock pot season I figured I’d share a few of my favorite crock pot recipes with you guys! I found most of these through Pinterest or other blogs, so I will link the recipes and sites where I found them. The majority of these recipes are meant for multiple people, so I’ll either modify them for 1-2 or freeze the leftovers!

Let me know if you give any of them a try, and what you think of them! Bon Appétit!




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