So. Sick.

cold meds

In my last post I mentioned how I thought I was coming down with a cold. Well I was right. And this is not a circumstance in which I’d like to be right. Anyways, I digress. As it turns out what I thought was a cold was actually a pretty severe sinus infection. I’ve never had one before, but after feeling sick for a day or so I noticed that my face was sore and my teeth hurt. This was super weird to me, so I used the handy-dandy (or terrifying, depending on the circumstance) WebMD to look up my symptoms, and it clued me in to the fact it might be a sinus infection. I went to urgent care the next morning and sure enough, the internet was right.

Anyways, I guess the point of all of this is that being sick is no fun. Not like you didn’t know that already 😉 I’m just trying to focus on resting for the next couple of days, and hopefully I’ll feel a bit better soon! Anyone out there have any tricks or remedies they swear by? Share them below!




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