Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Burglar/Robber

Hi there! So for the second part of my last minute Halloween costume ideas (if you missed the first one click here!), I wanted to show you the second costume I will be doing. I had a lot of trouble coming up with what I wanted to do for my second and third costumes; and yes, I do know how ridiculous that sounds. It’s the college culture though, don’t blame me! Anyhow, after a lot of searching on Pinterest I decided that I’ll be a burglar! This one was super easy and I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it earlier.

For this costume, I figured I only needed to buy three things: a black and white striped shirt, a mask, and a burlap bag for my loot! I found the shirt online on (it was on clearance too), a mask at a local costume shop, and the burlap bags really cheap on Amazon. I’m pretty pleased with my purchases! In addition to this I plan on wearing black jeans and boots, and will cut the fingers off of a cheap pair of gloves I already own. Once I get the burlap bags in the mail (hopefully tomorrow!) I will use a sharpie to draw a money sign, officially transforming it into a loot bag! I’m really excited to see how it all comes together, tell me what you think!

Inspiration for the costume!


The shirt I ordered from Nordstrom


Burlap bags from Amazon

71cVlVMguzL._SL1500_ 39344489_300x300_1


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