Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Three Blind Mice

Okay guys, I’m pretty excited for this next costume. I’ve already showed you my peacock and burglar costumes, but I think this one might be my favorite. When I couldn’t think of a costume I wanted to wear for night 3 of Halloween, a couple of friends suggested we do a group costume! We brainstormed a few ideas, and then I had an epiphany… “We should be the three blind mice!” My friends were on board, and it was a done deal. Plus, it will probably the easiest costume I ever have to come up with.

We decided to take advantage of what we already own, and just wear black tank tops, black jeans, and black heels. Super simple, right? And help complete our transformation into blind rodents (pretty weird when you think about it), we will also add mouse ears, black sunglasses, and make a cane. We didn’t want to buy ears, so I found a DIY tutorial online and it looks pretty simple. All we will need is a headband, some cardstock paper, and black felt. We will also be making our canes. I was stumped trying to think of how to do this, but while perusing through Walmart I came across light-colored wooden dowels and decided they would be perfect! I’m really stoked to see how this one turns out, and will definitely share pictures of the completed look after we’ve done it!





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