Friday Faves

Hi there! Today I wanted to try something new, that I can hopefully keep up with every week! I wanted to share some of my favorite things or moments from the past week!

  • Favorite Splurge: While I was home this past week, I treated myself to a shellac manicure! I love getting my nails done, but don’t do it frequently at all. I love shellac because it doesn’t chip and lasts forever. I also tried something new, a little glitter/ombre action!
  • Favorite Drink: Considering that I’m a 21 year-old college student, it might be a surprise that this isn’t an alcoholic beverage (pretty far from it actually). But lately I’ve been obsessed with the juices by Evolution Fresh (sold at Starbucks and some grocery stores). The Super Green flavor is my favorite!
  • Favorite Moment: Over the weekend, my family and I visited my brother at his college (about an hour and a half from home). It was so fun to see him, and of course “his world” up at school. On the way home we took the scenic route, and stopped at a lookout over the Puget Sound . Even though it was rainy, how gorgeous is it?! I love the Pacific Northwest!
  • Favorite New Find: So I know I’m WAY late to jump on this bandwagon, but I started the first season of House of Cards this week and love it! I can see now why everyone is crazy about it!
  • Favorite Face: Look at this sweet face! How could you not love it!!! If you haven’t gathered, I’m pretty obsessed with her too. 
    ImageSo those are my favorites from this week! What were yours???? Xoxo,