Be Mine

For the long weekend, I decided that I would go home in order to spend Valentine’s Day/the long weekend with my family. This year my valentine was this adorable pup, and really I can’t complain!


My parents are pretty low-key in terms of Valentine’s Day, but since I was home I  wanted to do something special for them. So I decided to cook them (what I thought was) a romantic dinner! Mind you, they had to deal with my company, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t mind. I’m kicking myself for not taking more pictures of it, but I was pretty proud of how it all turned out! I even printed out little menus (I got this template from pinterest), which made it feel a little more special than a typical dinner.

Though I probably should have posted this before Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d still go ahead and share the menu of what I made/served for each course.  I will be posting my recipes for a couple of  them later this week as well! Hopefully it will give you ideas if you’re cooking a romantic dinner for someone special (or even just your parents).


Course one: Smoked Mozzarella fondue! I found a couple variations of this recipe online, but I’ll post my spin on it this week! To go with it I roasted some garlic in the oven and made homemade baguettes. Both were so delicious!

Course two: Classic caesar salad, with diced bacon and parmesan crisps. I make a homemade caesar dressing, but store bought would be just as good!

Course three: Sausage Penne a la Vodka Sauce. I will also post this recipe later this week!

Course four: Skillet cake with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. I found this recipe through Pinterest about two years ago, and it quickly became a favorite of mine. Recipe courtesy of the Willow Bird Baking blog.

So that is how I spent my Valentine’s Day! Feel free to share how you spent yours!




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